REVIEWS for What I Thought I Knew:

…seeing her conjure the imaginary people to whom she is
speaking, at every point, DiVincenzo makes us believe that
we can see these people, what they look like, where they are
standing, what they are wearing.”
~Buffalo Theatre Talk

While there are many very serious moments, the play is
cleverly dotted with humor…
On a bare stage, with only two chairs as props, Josie
DiVincenzo spins a true tale that made 100 minutes fly by.”
~Buffalo Rising

Who needs a set (save for two lightweight chairs) when you
can suggest the dreaded stirrup-strung examining table with
posture (and toned and controlled abs), or arch an eyebrow
and tilt your head to speak volumes without words?”
~Buffalo Theatre Guide

DiVincenzo appears to have met and mastered them all, but
she does more than that. With various accents, gaits and
postures – and no props other than two lightweight chairs –
she somehow can become a room full of people, all
interacting with one another.
~Buffalo News