Fiercely Dedicated

Josie has a unique voice that
we are lacking right now.
She is a pepperpot full of
heart and passion who gives
a voice to those who carve
together a career and in a
community with both union
and non-union professionals.
She is going to become the
voice for those of our
members who don't live in an
office city.

~Jennifer Cody
Here are some of the amazing members with whom I hope to
serve in Council. I am in awe of their experience, devotion,
dedication, and constant concern for ALL actors in ALL REGIONS,
not just their bubble of large market cities.
I hope they'll have your vote!
If you have questions, feel free to email me and I'll share why!
To know more about Josie's work and career,
start with her home page here:
Eastern Regional Principals
Christopher Sapienza
Richard Topol
Victoria Clark
Jeff Blumenkrantz
Mary Gutzi
Michelle Pawk
Michele Ragusa
Mark Richard Taylor
Roy A. Gross
Moi (Me, and thank you!)
Eastern Chorus
Rebecca Kim Jordan
Kilty Reidy
Kirsten Wyatt
Al Bundonis
Eastern Stage Manager
Lisa Dawn Cave
Rebecca McBee
John M. Atherlay

I've worked with Josie on several
occasions, and she is fiercely dedicated to
any project she’s committed to, and she
will bring that same degree of
commitment to better actor’s lives in every
way that the shifting nature of the new
normal workplace including digital theatre
can and will provide with the right

Vote for Josie DiVincenzo!

~Greg Mullavey