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Ruling the roost as ma and da, keeper,
adviser, and woman for all seasons is Josie
DiVincenzo, splendid as sharp-tongued,
lovingly protective Aunt Freda.

Josie DiVincenzo is Freda, the aunt who holds
the family together.  Freda is the polar
opposite of the character DiVincenzo
portrayed in the Banshee production of Loyal
Women, and if you were lucky enough to catch
that performance, her range as an actress will
truly impress you.  She is superb.
~The audience reviews/Banshee

Critics Choice ~ LA Times
Critic's Pick ~ BackStage West
Maddy Award - Best Actor - Josie DiVincenzo
The Year of the Hiker
Theatre Banshee, December '09
Theatre Banshee, January '06
Josie DiVincenzo, a stunning menacing   
mesmerizing  and fierce as Gail.

Gail (Josie DiVincenzo) is one tough cookie with a
severe hairstyle, tight jeans and a chest-jutting stance
that begs for a fight.

Northern Irish accents are spot on and their lines are
delivered at machine-gun-fire pace.

Recommended - LA Times
GO - LA Weekly
Critics Pick - Backstage West

Best Theatre of 2007, LA Weekly
Nominated - Best Ensemble, Los Angeles Drama
Critics Circle
Winner - Best Ensemble - LA Weekly Awards
Nominated - Best Production - LA Weekly Awards
...the quips and quiddities of Falstaff and Mistress Quickly
(Josie DiVincenzo) are tickling...

The women's roles are small but well defined by Josie
DiVincenzo as Mistress Quickly...

Barry Lynch is magnificent as Falstaff, the pathetically
foolish, roistering rogue — a funny, fat drunkard.
Shakespeare also gave him the best lines. With the coy
Mistress Quickly (Josie DiVincenzo), the tavern madam,
and the foolish Bardolph (a lively Mary O'Sullivan), Lynch is
in his element. Pick of The Week
A justifiably bristling Josie Di Vincenzo is
as the tough-talking Brigit, who’s replaced her
defeat with blind anger and defiance.

Director Sean Branney marshals a fine cast with skill,
balancing comedy with social criticism.

As Brigit, the most confrontational of these unwilling slaves,
Josie DiVincenzo is remarkable.

particularly effective are Josie DiVincenzo's hot-tempered
rebel and Leslie Baldwin's dreamy romantic.

Josie DiVincenzo is wonderful as Brigit.

Recommended - LA Times
Critics Pick - Backstage West
Recommended - LA Weekly
Pick of the Week -

Winner: Back Stage West Garland Award for Best Ensemble Best of List 2006 - Best Production
DiVincenzo steals the show with her exhilarating
performance...She captures Brigit's core of sizzling rage,
and she is the indignant heart of the show.

~DAILY VARIETY's review of Eclipsed, Theatre Banshee, Los Angeles
Told by eight excellent actors from actual letters and writings of
the real people who lived through it, this is gut-wrenching
compelling theatre.

...and if your eyes moisten a little when Josie DiVicenzo talks
about the socks she knitted for a soldier, you realize the
intensity of war.

Eight fiercely committed and extraordinarily gifted actors inhabit
the skins of slaves, generals, foot soldiers, and presidents, all
of whom relive the unbearable horror of war

This story has its ordinary citizens whose simple eloquence
keeps the audience glued to the seats.

Pick of the Week - LA Weekly
Critics Pick - Backstage West
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2005 Best of Lists:
Best Production,  Madeline Shaner - Back Stage West
Best Ensemble Performance, Madeline Shaner - Back Stage
Best Ensemble Cast in a Play, Travis Holder -
Mine Eyes Hath Seen
Theatre Banshee, '05
Loyal Women
Theatre Banshee, December '08
Henry IV, Part I
Theatre Banshee, March '07
Naked Will
Celebration Theatre, '03 and '04
Josie DiVincenzo is a revelation...almost stealing
the proceedings...

...deliciously played by Josie DiVincenzo...

The Female role, saucily handled by DiVincenzo..

excellent performances...

Critics Choice ~ LA Times
Critic's Pick ~ BackStage West
Shakespeare in Delaware Park, August, '10
Josie DiVincenzo [as Lady Macbeth]... skillfully
makes sense of and lends power to words. Her later
interactions with Macbeth are especially affecting,
and she gives a particularly well-tuned and chilling
rendering of the sleepwalking scene
, aided by the
horrified responses of Caitlin Coleman and Anne Roaldi
who look on.

~Anthony Chase, ARTVOICE
ARTIE Award, Best Production, Best Ensemble
This is one fine ensemble, another casting
home run for the Kavinoky.
Josie DiVincenzo, as the forgetful Dotty Otley,
is a hoot, channeling Lucille Ball with her
narrow attention span. Poor Dotty can’t
figure this whole “stage direction” thing out,
devoted to the cause as she is.

~Ben Siegal, The Buffalo News

This is really a fine production, with a number
of really strong performances, especially
Peter Palmisano's Lloyd Dallas, Josie
DiVincenzo's Dotty Otley and Christian
Brandjes' Selsdon Mowbray.

Noises Off
The Kavinoky Theatre, February, '13
Standouts included Josie DiVincenzo as the
spiritual and magical Katrina.

Director Brad Mooy has four talented stars in which to
convey the message of destiny and dreams, how
meetings may not be simply happenstance, and how
one decision can change them.

~Jim Harris, Arkansas Times

DiVincenzo invests her quirky priestess with heart
and soul.

~Werner Trieschmann, Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Bertrand Priest
The Rep, Little Rock, Arkansas, '07
“Dai (Enough!)”
Jewish Repertory Theatre, Buffalo, NY
February – March 2014

…the marvelous actress Josie DiVincenzo, recently returned to Western
New York, plays all 11 roles: It’s an amazing, bravura night of changing
wigs, blouses and coats; of using different gaits, facial expressions,
attitudes and accents; of portraying characters with diverse opinions
about life cards they’ve been dealt…
…the extraordinary DiVincenzo, nuanced and wise, so good at making her
array of characters not right or wrong, and so expert at giving us a
remarkable, identifiable, heart-wrenching look at such a wide range of
human experience.
~ The Buffalo News ~ Ted Hadley

for the
Jewish Repertory Theatre at the Maxine and Robert Seller Theatre in
Getzville, and she is marvelous. Her performance of each character is
distinct and compelling—young or old, male or female, Israeli or foreign:
the reporter, the American actress, the Israeli Kibbutznik, the American
expatriate, the lovelorn gay German immigrant, the Russian prostitute,
the evangelical Christian from Alabama, the Palestinian university
~ ArtVoice ~ Anthony Chase

It’s a tour-de-force role for Josie DiVincenzo. …an amazing demonstration
of acting, as each character has different body language, different accent
and different presentation in life…
~  ~ Augustine Warner

JOSIE DIVINCENZO brings to this heart-wrenching drama all the skills
that made her a success on stage, screen and television.
Now in its
eleventh season, the Jewish Repertory Theatre has gone to the next
level by producing “Dai.”
~ Buffalo Jewish Review ~ Anthony Cardinale
“Gidion's Knot”
Buffalo Laboratory Theatre, Hamburg, NY
September - October 2014

....The audience is onstage, just feet away from the grim and
unfolding story, here
told by two of the area’s finest actresses, the
skilled Katie White and the gifted returnee, Josie DiVincenzo
...White and DiVincenzo are marvelous. ...they remarkably handle a
parade of emotions, and layers of same...  Their standing ovation
opening night was well earned.
...Acting, a perfect 10.
~The Buffalo News ~ Ted Hadley

DiVincenzo  as Corryn commands the stage and classroom
. She is
unabashedly honest, straightforward and unrelenting, especially
towards herself. DiVincenzo also finds potent moments of sensitivity in
her solitary time onstage watching schoolchildren leaving classes, and
in her regretful monologue after hearing her son’s “beautiful” writing
in which she laments, “This was my good-mother moment!”
~NY Theatre Guide ~ Marisa Caruso
Palmisano and DiVincenzo pack a punch in ALL MY SONS
at Irish Classical Theatre Company

...adept at portraying a wide range was veteran stage and TV
actress Josie DiVincenzo as Kate Keller
, a woman living in denial
while simultaneously being a powerful presence in the lives of all the other
characters. Yes, she gets headaches and has to go inside the house from
time to time, but DiVincenzo perfectly balances the moments that Kate leaves
the family stalled, scratching their heads with the moments of what appear to
be decisive action, driving the family forward.
Again, Broadway quality.
    ~Buffalo Rising, Peter Hall

Dynamite cast does 'All My Sons' Justice
“All My Sons,” skillfully, knowingly directed at The Irish Classical Theatre Co...
Western New York’s best, Peter Palmisano is Joe, so precise, so complete...
Josie DiVincenzo is wife Katie, the family glue, painfully losing it, denial part of
everyday life.
An ensemble to remember to be sure but
Palmisano, DiVincenzo and
Alocer on stage together? Dynamite.
    ~The Buffalo News, Ted Hadley

...the fiery Josie DiVincenzo as Kate
wields her words like weapons. She is
no wounded housewife to be pitied, she is a passionate woman whose
delusion is willed rather than subconscious, and it is strictly enforced.
this delusion comes crashing down, DiVincenzo faces the challenge of
Kate’s total collapse head on, wailing with all her might as if hurling the
might of Kate’s grief into space where Larry might reach and heal it.
    ~NY State Theatre Guide, Marisa Caruso
“It is fascinating and kind of wonderful to watch
this actress
exit the stage as Rivkeh, a woman who
wears the anxiety of the world on her plain and
weathered face, and return just moments later as stylish,
privileged, and arrestingly beautiful Anna
. DiVincenzo
makes the metamorphosis appear effortless, especially
when, moments later, the actress once again disappears
into Rivkeh.

“…under the direction of Saul Elkin is economical and
emotionally absorbing.”
~Anthony Chase, ArtVoice

“…DiVincenzo excels in three widely varied
from the dead-on wife (complete with
authentic pronunciation of her “g’s”) to the stylish and
commanding patron of the arts (to a nude model). Pardon
our New Testament, but she is a revelation, long before her
brief pose.”
~Doug Smith, The Niagara Gazette

“DiVincenzo and Zindle work together beautifully
nuancing the subtleties of three-person relationships.”
~Margo Davis, NY Theatre Guide
“MY Name is Asher Lev”
Jewish Repertory Theatre, Buffalo, NY
October - November, 2015
“All My Sons”
Irish Classical Theatre Company , Buffalo, NY
January - February, 2016